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Roku Wines


About Roku

Roku is a moderately sweet wine characterized by flavors of fresh pear, citrus and peach with a hint of white flower. A crisp acidity balances the sweetness, leaving a rich, lingering fruit finish on the palate.

To maintain the delicate flavors, the Riesling grapes were harvested in the cool early morning hours and brought to the winery where they were whole-cluster pressed, then slowly fermented entirely in stainless steel.  Fermentation was conducted at a very cold temperature to enhance fruit expression and retain the unique varietal character of Riesling.

Riesling is an extremely food-friendly wine, pairing well with a wide variety of cuisines. Roku goes beautifully with many tricky food pairings, such as Thai, Indian, and Mexican cuisines. We especially love it with sushi, tempura, Chinese chicken salad, and spicy fish tacos.